Britt is not feeling well.  She has messed up her back and cannot sit at a desk long enough to work on an update.  She is actually under doctor to get some rest.  On the bright side, she is getting to watch lots of cartoons.  I figured I’d post something related to what is going on in the comic.  This is one of the earlier concept drawings I did of Evon and Evee.


UPDATE from my bed >_<:

So I’ve been semi bedridden since Wednesday morning.  My back has actually been bothering me for about two months.  Between my mother and Mr Wax, they told me to go see a doctor a few dozen times.  Me, being stubborn and hard headed, thought that the pain would go away on its own.

I was wrong :-/

By Tuesday I couldn’t walk in my own and Wednesday morning I was being taken to the ER.  Luckily the pain is from muscle strain (I was terrified it would be something much more serious) and a few days of bed rest will help, not to mention some really strong pain killers.

I’m already starting to feel better, but I’m still pretty sore and can’t sit up for long periods of time.  The doctor said I should be clear to go back to work Monday so I’m hoping to feel better by then.



Sent to Mr Wax Wednesday morning from the ER 😐