Thanks for understand the need for a break, everyone, I needed some time to work things out with what I want to do.

With that said, you’ll also notice that the comic looks a bit different.  Truth of the matter is that there are several other projects that I am working on (commissions, two other comics and a novel) and I don’t have enough time to work on all of it.  I loved coloring Evon and it allowed me the practice that I desperately needed, but fully coloring and shading just one page of Evon takes me between eight to ten hours on average.  I just can’t use up that much time on just one thing.  So, for now on I’ll be using a very traditional black and white approach to the comic.  There will also be a change in the update schedule, but I will announce that when I’m ready to make that change (probably at the end of this chapter).

It’s a hard decision to make and I’ve struggled with it for few last few days.  Evon is my baby and I hold the story and all of the characters close to my heart, but with so many other ideas rolling around in my head I need to find ways to make the time to work on them.  And, hopefully, you all will be able to enjoy the other projects that I have in the works as well 🙂

No new incentive today, but I should have Freya all colored up by Friday 🙂