I figure I should probably give a small update of the projects that me and Mr Wax have been working on lately.

For the moment, the biggest one we’re tackling is a second webcomic by the name of ArchAngel.  We originally came up with the idea for ArchAngel roughly a year ago, but set it off to the side for one reason or another.  Recently, we came back to it, revamped it a bit and we’re now working on outlines and character designs.

ArchAngle takes place in a world that is not quite our own.  In a world in which both anthros and humans live together, there is a human girl by the name of Thekla Burroughs.  She is a slightly nerdy out cast that has few friends outside her gaming group; the exception to this is her best friend Minna, a mousette, who is much more popular and outgoing.  Thekla is only intrested in leading the life of a normal collage freshman collage student, but unfortunately fate has other plans for her.  For reasons she does not understand, she suddenly finds herself the target of demonic forces.  Just as the attacks begin, a strange wolf beings to follow her wherever she goes and seems to be the only one capable of keeping the demons at bay.  Now Thekla has to figure out how to juggle trying to pass all her classes, fight off demons, and still trying to catch the latest episode of Professor Time!

And to top things off for now the incentive is a sketch line up of a few characters already planned (a lot more characters still to come!)