Sorry for the disappearing act for the last few days!  Two things sort of kept my attention for the last couple of weeks (one good, one not so good).

For one, my mom got a new dog (well, I bought it for her, but she really really wanted it!).  It’s a little yorkie-maltese mix that we found at the local SPCA.  Apparently it was found wondering down the street (in the friggin’ cold) wearing a flea collar and had been freshly groomed (the poor things fur was cut down so close you could see her skin), but wasn’t wearing a regular collar nor was it microchipped!  After staying at the SPCA for five days no one came to claim her.  My mom and I just happened to go in on the first day she was put up for adoption just to look around.  When my mom saw her she instantly fell in love so I bought her ^_^


We named her Sugar.  She’s a loud, yappy little thing,

but dammit, she’s cute!

The second thing (and probably the most scary thing) is that it would seem that I have a really bad iron deficiency, which causes me to get really tired and sluggish.  I sorta knew I’ve has it for a while now, but it was never to the point where I really noticed it and I just ignored it (NEVER IGNORE YOUR BODY WHEN IT’S NOT WORKING PROPERLY, KIDS), but within the last few weeks I got tired VERY quickly and slept A LOT longer than usual.  Somedays it was hard for me to get out of bed, and even when I did I would end up crashing again on the couch.  It would literally take me hours just to get enough energy to do regular stuff around the house.  Trying to get any drawing done was extremely hard.  After maybe working for an hour it was hard just to sit up straight.  I finally did what my doctor told me to do a long time ago, start taking vitamins.  They seriously made an instant difference.  So, now that I’m armed with a giant bottle of Women’s One-A-Day,  I should be able to stay awake at least long enough to get some real work done again.  ^_^

On an unrelated note, I hope everyone who’s suffering in this miserable winter is keeping warm and staying safe!  Cincinnati really isn’t getting it as rough as some other parts of the country, but it’s still pretty yucky and I’m a big baby!  And for those of you have managed to completely avoid the arctic blast or who are just living in warmer places…. I’m terribly, terribly jealous 😀


Panda suit selfie, #2!!