Happy Friday, peeps! So this incentive vote is going to be a little different. Mr Wax has wanted me to draw a particularly risqué scene involving Evee and Belvidier for a while now. Todays incentive sketch is that scene (NSFW), but there is a second part to this story.

Mr Wax wants this scenerio to somehow become canon in the comic. I’m on the fence about it so Mr Wax decided to make a bet. If Evon makes it into the TOP 10 on the webcomics list then we will work a relationship between Evee and Belvidier into the comic. Mr Wax thinks this will happen, but I give it a 5% chance 😀 In order to give it a fighting chance, I’m going to keep this image up for the month of June.

I’m allowing Mr Wax a rare opportunity to prove me wrong!