Thanks for being patient with the update guys!

This time todays incentive is a image originally requested by Nebula1701 of Hero giving Evee a perfectly platonic massage!

For those of you who don’t know, Monday afternoon my art computer quite literally died on my while I was trying to catch up on work. Granted, my computer was ten years old and over the last few months was just barely limping along (it froze often, would literally like several minutes to save files, etc) so I knew that I would need a new computer eventually… I was just hoping it had a bit more life in it ^^

Luckily I was able to get the computer booted in Safe Mode and managed to backup my files to Dropbox so I didn’t lose anything. I’ve already ordered a new computer and tablet (since my tablet was also ten years old and glitched frequently I figured it’d be best to update that too), but it’ll take three or four weeks to get to me. I’ve hooked the old tablet up to my laptop and downloaded ClipStudio so I can still get art done, but given I’ve never used ClipStudio before art making may be a little slow while I figure it out.

Take care of yourselves!