We are approaching the end of the chapter and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone (new and old) for sticking with us for the pass ten chapters πŸ™‚

Todays incentive is another bit of fan art that I had an itching to draw. I know that I’m about ten years late, but I’ve recently come across Tom Fischbach’s TwoKinds and I got to say that that gentleman has done something awesome with that comic. It was a nice treat to flip through and witness how his writing and art has improved over time. I also learned that Mr. Fischbach and I attended the same university and live in the same city (why have I never come across him before?!) and he is pretty much the only other webcomic artist that I have heard of coming out of Cincinnati and that is certainly an inspiration.

Anyway, a few pages into the comic I had the urge to draw Flora just because she’s so darn adorable. So I hope you all enjoy the incentive, have a nice weekend and if you’ve never read through TwoKinds before you should do so now πŸ™‚