Poor Evon and Hero, I’m sure they thought that they would be able to stay safer for a bit longer at the castle. But surely they’re not dumb enough to attack Hero in his own home, right?

…. Right?

Also, there’s something that I want to mention that I can’t believe I have not mentioned before. While drawing, or just working in general, I love to always listen to a podcast called Webcomics Weekly (I’m actually listening to it this very second ^^). It is ran by Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellett, Bread Guigar and Kris Straub, four gentleman that know more about cartooning and the comics industry than normal people should.

Not only do they offer up awesome advice, but they’re also hilarious to listen to. So, if you have your own comic or are just involved in art in general, I highly suggest you give Webcomics Weekly a listen 🙂