Sorry about the look of the comic, but I seem to have lost the pen to my Wacom (either that or it ran away…) and I’m stuck using the ol’ pencil and paper method until my new pen arrives in the mail….

Which sort of leads me to another note; unfortunately I have some costs that are starting to pile up on me and I am in need of some extra funding to get things payed for (and the fact that it is so close to Christmas is not helping much ^^!) So I am opening myself up for some emergency commissions to try and cover my extra bills.

Good news for all of you is that I’m lowering my prices in face of this emergency (and you can also view this as my annual holiday commission sale ^^)

I will be doing three types of commissions; pencil sketches, inked line art and inked line art with flat color (sorry, no shading will be available this time around). As of in the immediate future all commissions will be done by hand since my Wacom pen is MIA for the moment (and happens to be one of those extra costs…. ^^!). All artwork will be scanned and emailed to the buyer. Here is the break down of prices:

Pencil Sketches: $5

Inked Line Art: $10

Inked Line Art w/ Flat Color: $15

All additional characters per image is an additional $4.

All artwork should have a rating between G and PG-13, I’ll do pins up and nudity, but no porn.

As that these will mostly be done on traditional paper I will also offer the option of mailing the original to you, but all shipping will be an additional $5 on top of the cost of the commission. I’m not exactly sure how many slots I will open up, but for the time being I’ll make 10 slots available and see how things go from there, if I get more than 10 offers than I’ll add extra slots.

Feel free to spread the word and I’ve also added a Donate button to the website in case anyone wants to donate less than $5 (every little bit helps!). You won’t get any artwork for a donation less than $5, but I will give a big thank you and a virtual high five ^^

I will be accepting Paypal and Money Orders for these commissions. If interested or if you have any questions email me at BearStudiosArt[at]