Evon Allure — first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Species:  Bear

PROFILE: Left an orphan at an early age when her parents died under mysterious circumstances, Evon grew up in a school run by the sorcerer Ferneris.  She lived there for years until she learned that Ferneris was keeping secrets from her, one of which was her father’s spell book.  After she escaped from the school she ran across Herodotus, whom she convinces to help her retrieve her father’s book that she had to leave behind.  Evon is among a rare breed of spell casters called a Force (also known an a Focus) who are able to tap into the very energy of the world and use it for her own.  She is vaguely aware of this power but is only able to use it unconsciously when under extremely emotional stress.






Herodotus Dent — first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Species: Rat

PROFILE: A wandering hero and mercenary that Evon has hired to help her.  Herodotus is very skilled with his chosen weapon, the Falchion. He is a fierce combatant and a stalwart friend. Herodotus is actualy a noble from Pridelands.  He gave up his title after taking vengeance against a fellow noble who was responsible for the murder Herodotus’ mother.  After abandoning his estate, he travelled the country until he was recruited by Evon to help her on a mission.  Now, knowing the dangers that Evon is facing, he has made it his sole purpose to guard her and will give his life to protect her from those who mean her harm.




Ferneris the Gray — first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 200+

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: One of the higher ranking members of the Cabal, Ferneris was charged with raising Evon and modeling her into a future member of the Cabal. Having lost Evon, he will do whatever he can to recapture her and redeem himself.  He is possibly the only member of the Cabal that is completely loyal to Sevarian, though he does not agree with many of the old lion’s decisions.


Maximus the Cruel — first appearance in Chapter 3

Age: 150+

Sex: Male

Species: Hyena

PROFILE: A more rebellious member of the Cabal, Maximus has always viewed himself as a rival to Ferneris and wants to prove that he is more competent than the  wolf. He is not completely loyal to Sevarian and hides his own plans for Evon.  Rather than just wanting to use her powers to take over Herrah, he wants to build a dynasty of Forces with her so that he will one day reign over the entire world.



Lanna the Shadow — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: While Lanna is reportedly the youngest member of the Cabal, she absolutely refuses to tell anyone her age.  She is a master of the art of necromancy. She is often very sarcastic and taunting. She is very close to Traveller, and together they have a secret plan to take over the Cabal.



Traveller the Craft — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 700+

Sex: Male

Species: Bear

PROFILE: A powerful spellcaster and the oldest member of the Cabal. Traveller feels that his age and wisdom should have been the deciding factor in who should lead the organization. He is loyal to Sevarian, for the time being, to gain his trust so that he can move in and take command. He is presently involved in a romantic affair with Lanna the Shadow.


Legune the Alchemist — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 250+

Sex: Male

Species: Rat

PROFILE: A brilliant, if twisted, alchemist, Legune was involved in an accident years ago that has completely deformed his body.  He is possibly the most talented alchemist in the land, creating creatures to serve a his henchmen and performing experiments that will eventually better the Cabal.


Shakar the Manipulator — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 100+

Sex: Male

Species: Tiger

PROFILE: The newest member of the Cabal, Shakar just managed to wiggle his way in because Sevarian believes his ability to worm his way into the confidence of powerful and important people is more useful than his meager skills with magic. He is also very wealthy from trafficking in illegal magic. He lives in a large castle in Pridelands.


Sevarian the Powerful — first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 500+

Sex: Male

Species: Lion

PROFILE: The leader of the Cabal, Sevarian rose to power due to his ability to act quickly and his strong use of magic. Over the years he gathered powerful and capable magic users to join his organization. His sole purpose is to take over all of Herrah. He wants to use Evon to carry out his plan because he believes that she possess the power to tap into the very sorce of magical energy in the earth and so he can use it to his advantage. He commands complete respect and does not take failure lightly.









Felvis Gibraulti — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Species: Red Fox

PROFILE: A childhood friend of Herodotus, Felvis is the headmaster of one of the most prestigious schools of magic in all of Herrah, the School of the Ninth Star (he also happens to be the youngest headmaster in the school’s history).







Areth Gibraulti — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Species: Red Fox

PROFILE: Areth is Felvis’ younger sister and also grew up knowing Herodotus.  Although she is not as powerful a magic user as her brother, she is quite skilled with a sword.  Not much is known about her, but she tends to wander the lands and does not seem to like to stay in one place for very long.







Cleo ap Pride — first appearance in Chapter 6

Age: 26

Sex: Female

Species: Lioness

PROFILE: The only daughter of the Duke of  Pridelands, Cleo has been engaged to marry Herodotus since they were both children.  Selfish, vain and beautiful, Cleo’s reasons for wanting to be with Herodotus are because of the additional status he can give her and because all the other girls want him.







Belvidier — first appearance in Chapter 6

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Species: Rabbit

PROFILE:  Belvidier has worked for Herodotus’ family for years as the head butler and primary caretaker of the Dent estate.  Not much is known about his past, but it is suspected that he is much more than a simple butler.



Corrin Barica — first appearance in Chapter 4

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Species: Bear

PROFILE: A teaching assistant at the School of the Ninth Star.  Corrin is an accomplished scholar and magic user. He can also be very charming and has quite a hand with the ladies.  When Evon passed through the School of the Ninth Star, Corrin charmed his way into her heart and the two spent a passionate night together.  Later Corrin learned that Evon was his half-sister, but the revelation did not dissuade him from trying to become intimate with her again.  Evon, on the other hand, was disgusted by his behavior.



Ammelia Lace — first appearance in Chapter 12

Age:  42

Sex: Female

Species:  Vixen

PROFILE: Corrin’s mother, Ammelia had a relationship with Evon’s father, Sarris, years before he met Orianna.  When Sarris left Ammelia to continue his research, it was not until after he left that she found out that she was pregnant with a boy.  She never had the opportunity to tell Sarris about Corrin.  Although Ammelia later married and took on her husbands name, Corrin kept Ammelia’s maiden name, Barica.







Venir Trakis — first appearance in Chapter 1

Age: 31

Sex: Male

Species: Wolf

PROFILE: A mercenary and wandering hero, Venir has been friends with Herodotus for several years. His honor is not as strong as Herodotus’, he works only for profit, be it money or physical reward. When Evon comes to hire Herodotus, he refuses to help and goes his own way.  Later, Venir tracks down Herodotus with the idea that together they can turn Evon over to the Cabal and collect the reward for her.  When Herodotus turns down his offer, Venir goes to the Cabal on his own, but they turn on him and hand him over to Legune for experimentation.  Venir eventually manages to escape Legune’s keep when the clone of Evon opens his cage and makes him an offer to come with her.







Freya la Fawn — first appearance in Chapter 3

Age: Unknown

Sex: Female

Species: Mouse

PROFILE: While not a direct member of The Cabal, Freya serves directly under Ferneris as his assistant, personal guard and lover.  She is completely loyal to Ferneris and will do anything he asks of her.  She is, perhaps, the only person in the world that Ferneris truly loves.  She is not a magic user, but her skill in close combat could give even the most professional of warriors a challenge. Combined with her stealth and ability to seemingly appear out of nowhere, she is not a person you want to cross.