In the world of Harrah, Evon is a young sorceress, more powerful than she realizes. Orphaned as a child, Evon grew up in the clutches of a wicked sorcerer whose purpose was to groom her to serve an organization known as The Cabal. Taking her fate into her own hands, Evon runs away. She enlists the help of Herodotus, a wandering adventurer with secrets of his own and together, they uncover the secret of Evon’s immense power and face off against the people that mean her harm.

Updates Friday (ish)

About the Creators

The Artist

Name: Bri Shepard

I’ve been drawing for most of my life. I know most artists say that, but it’s true πŸ™‚ Instead of being outside playing with the other kids, I was inside either drawing or playing video games. The inspiration for what I draw come from the types of cartoons that I watched as a kid; I was a Disney kid growing up and my all time favorite Disney series was and will probably always be TailSpin. My fascination with TailSpin would also explain why most of my characters have always been bears πŸ™‚ I’m also a big fan of anime and some of those influences have also helped to shape my work.

The Writer

Name: Mr. Wax

Long time imaginary friend of his co-author, his roots are in classic science fiction and fantasy such as Edger Rice Burroughs, Robert Hienlien, and Robert E. Howard. He Enjoys well writen comicbooks and stories that are about people. He lives in the Mythical land of North Dakota where he grew up walking to the local library as his primary source of entertainment.