New incentive up today! It’s odd, after all of these years of drawing Evon I never really sat down and decided what Evon’s mother looked like. Her name is Orianna Tuffin (Tuffin being her maiden name, of course), but until a few days ago she had no definite face to go with the name. Then over the weekend something came over me and I wanted to try and figure out exactly what Orianna and Sarris’ relationship was like. I imagine them as the sort that did not exactly see eye to eye with they first met. Well, to be exact, I could see Sarris falling head over heels for Orianna and she in return didn’t want to be bothered with him πŸ˜€

The sketch I came up with is based on the idea of them meeting relatively for the first time. When I finished the sketch I then determined that at least now we know where Evon gets her temper πŸ˜€ Enjoy!