The only thing I can think about this is “uh-oh…”

And I also have a small story to tell. For the past three days I have been stalking two little black kittens that settled in my backyard. They might be 12 weeks old and they look like little black cotton balls. When I saw them Sunday afternoon I made it my goal that I would catch them and take them to a shelter.

The trouble was, even time I got close they would take off running. I’d put out food for them, which they would eat, but again as soon as I came out the house they would run. Tuesday afternoon I finally managed to get my hand on one and put it in a cage. Once I got the first one it wasn’t long until I managed to get the second as well. Tomorrow morning before class I will be dropping them off at a shelter and hopefully they will be adopted 🙂

I feel all warm inside now ^^